How to tag “access roads” to public ferries

I am a moderator of the Kurviger forum. It’s a navigation app for motorcycling.

From time to time we correct missing map data all over the world.

Today we have a problem tagging back and forth and I’m hoping for a clear solution here.

This is the post in question:

Looking forward to helpful answers :slight_smile:

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For start: I would invite other mappers (including one(s) setting service=) to this thread so they are aware of it.

This is quite tricky and I am not 100% sure…

But if ferry forms part of important road then also loading ramp would be a part of it. So I would tag (in such case) as a highway=primary. And if this does not apply then return road should not be tagged as highway=primary

BTW, splitting it into multiple parallel roads seems a bit dubious to me.

The Mukilteo–Clinton ferry line, like many in Washington State, is part of a state route. It’s a major enough route to be highway=primary or highway=motorway for almost its entire length, other than the ferry approach in Mukilteo. This suggests that the approach should be highway=primary and the ferry line could also be ferry=primary to match. The approach may feel more like a parking lot than a primary road, but the same can be true at any toll plaza or border crossing.