How to tag a place where you can buy empty glass bottles and jars?

It is about a store (wholesale) where you can buy empty glass bottles, jars, WECK products and all kinds of accessories for them.
These products are used when you make homemade jam or distill your own brandy, fruit juice or liqueurs and want to fill it.
Of course you could order online in this store, but you can also visit there and buy the products. The offer is aimed at private individuals as well as wholesalers.

Currently it is tagged as shop=bottles but I think this is misleading because it could also be understood to mean filled beverage bottles.
I would suggest shop=empty_bottles and would also document this in the wiki. What do you think about this?

OSM: Way: ‪Gläser und Flaschen GmbH‬ (‪1031943808‬) | OpenStreetMap

Confusingly “bottle shop” is Australian term for alcohol shop. I think that shop=empty_bottles would work well?

Or maybe more generic value to cover also other packagings and boxes would be a good idea?


As the shop is all in german I’ve found some english stores for better research / translating:


They seem to be products for the house (bottles, jars, WECK products, etc.).

I would use shop=houseware.

shop=houseware houseware=bottles if they focus primarily on this?

Though not sure what to do with shop selling only and solely bottles…

The shop described here is not a houseware shop. Houseware shops are found in nearly every township, selling all the goods you need for your kitchen and meal serving.

The shop “glaeserundflaschen” sells specific products used for preserving food. Mainly glass containers but not exclusively. They also offer various kinds of covers, corks, rubber seals, lids and the like. There are not many of these specialized shops and most of them do online business only.

If a separate tag for this few shops makes sense, I would go for something like shop=preserving_glassware or shop=preserving_goods.

Tagging shop=houseware + houseware=preserving_glassware wouldn’t make the tagging better imho.

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TI has an undocumented shop=glassware used 20 times that may work?

I thought about that tag also, but a glassware shop mainly sells decorative glassware like vases, candle holders, window decoration, glass balls and the like. Using this tag would call for a subtag glassware=preserving_goods or the like to specify the kind of goods offered. Could be an option anyhow.

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Is it generally preferred to introduce a new subtag or would a specific value for the existing store tag be better?

I like the value shop=preserving_glassware as it describes the exact purpose of the products pretty well.

My next step would be to create a new wiki page for this value if there are no counter opinions.

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We do have some 170 documented values for shop (not to talk about the bunch of undocumented ones) and there is more than 1 exotic value in between. If there is a value for “brewing supplies” for instance I would not see any reason why we should not have another value for “preserving_glassware”.

Thanks for all the answers. I’ve created Tag:shop=preserving_glassware - OpenStreetMap Wiki for now and changed the tagging for the company mentioned in the entry post.

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