How to tag a lake where you can perform more than one sports?


I have a question: what if there is a lake where you can swim and scuba dive. How do I tag this lake? It is not possible to tag sport=swimming AND sport=scuba_diving, right? So how can I solve this problem?

You can list the sports in the tag, separated by semi-colons. eg sport=scuba_diving;swimming
Though some software/maps won’t use this sort of tagging, so it may not appear on the map. And some editors or tools may warn about it, though it is not necessarily an error.

Depends on how the lake is used, ie is there specific facilities for swimming or scuba diving? If so, it would be useful to also map those separately.

Ah really? I didn’t knew this. Thank you.
Is there somewhere something official for this? Because I cannot remember having read this before…

Here’s some background on the semi-colons:

Okay, thank you.