How to tag a high jump mattress

When processing notes I have come across 3996877 3996878 and 3996879 which are in relation to StreetComplete asking the surface of high jump mattresses.

They are tagged as:

My first thought was that a bug report should be filed with StreetComplete to not ask for surfaces of such things.

But checking the wiki, I see the page on athletics and high jump are not much help. A bit sparse in detail and seem to be only about tagging the run-up and not the mattress itself.

So which bit should be the high jump ‘pitch’? The run-up or the mattress? How can these be differentiated in tagging?

area including both?

and yes, probably StreetComplete should not ask here

StreetComplete does not ask since Don't ask pitch surface for high jump or pole vault · streetcomplete/StreetComplete@a1d2285 · GitHub

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