How to tag a hardware store

It’s a shop that sells general tools, screws, electrical stuff, paints. I tagged it as a node with name=* and shop=hardware. Neither Mapnik nor Osmarender rendered it. The shop does not appear on the map, not even the name. Have I tagged it incorrectly? Is Mapnik or Osmarender fault? Any advice would be appreciated.

It might help if you linked to the shop that you have mapped, to check if its tagged correctly etc - use the permalink.

Firstly, the online maps (Mapnik and Osmarender), can take a while to update, so its possible that they haven’t rerendered yet to show your changes.

Second, Mapnik and Osmarender do not show every type of amenity / shop / feature. If they did, the maps would be rather cluttered. From a quick check near me, it seems shop=hardware is not rendered on Mapnik or Osmarender.
Though its still worth mapping them, even if they don’t show up on these maps. There are other OSM based maps that do show them, eg OpenStreetBrowser or various Garmin maps.
And if you think it would be useful for Mapnik or Osmarender to render them, you can post a request on Trac.

Thank you Vclaw for answering. This is the link

I added the hardware store 2 days ago, updates usually take a couple of minutes. It didn’t show up in OpenStreetBrowser either.

I’ve tagged some shop=doityourself. According to the Wiki they are rendered by Mapnik and OpenStreetBrowser but not by Osmarender:
Mapnik example.

Pre-rendered tiles do not suit all needs. However, there is really nothing that prevents showing whatever your want on the map. Try,borders,POI_free_query&TRANSPARENT=TRUE&FORMAT=image%2Fpng&BBOX=-574187,6558020,1615375,7978444&SRS=EPSG:3067&STYLES=&tag=shop&value=hardware

Change tag and value parameters and see what happens. All the work is done on the server side on demand. And if you would like to download the same data in vector format, it is possible as well

User can even write own style document and send it either with the request or by giving a link to web accessible place. Fot that I do not have a ready example but you can read about it at and more from

However, it is slow to render everything on-demand as can be seen by adding some background,POI_free_query&TRANSPARENT=TRUE&FORMAT=image%2Fpng&BBOX=-574187,6558020,1615375,7978444&SRS=EPSG:3067&STYLES=&tag=shop&value=hardware

Well, shop=doityourself did the trick. But I feel that shop=hardware is a more appropiate definition in my case and should be rendered. Thank you Willi2006 (beautiful map!) and JRA.