How to tag 24/7 self service zones at bank offices?

Some banks have added so called “24/7 self service zones” in some of their offices. These zones often consist of several machines (ATMs, deposit ATMs, safe deposit machine, coin deposit machine and possibly others). Access to them is generally restricted outside of working hours and entering is done by scanning your bank card on the entrance or entering is allowed at all times since the office is located in another building, which is not open 24/7 (like a mall or a large supermarket).

My question is how do we tag that a specific bank office has such zone and how do we tag it’s working hours? Preferably, without creating a second amenity=bank and without having to add each machine individually.

Example photo from a local bank:

Another question is about tagging offices which are exclusively 24/7 and self service only like the one below.

I would simply mark ATM as ATM, with tagged opening hours.

The same for other machines.

(Yes, it requires mapping them individually - but some new tagging scheme for tagging their opening hours as bank property would be more complicated and harder to use by data consumers)


If not already discovered yourself self_service=only to combine with the opening_hours=*

There is opening_hours:self_service which could be added to the bank node independently of the self service machines being mapped or not.

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This question has also recently come up with regard to gyms etc that have 24/7 access for members via swipe card, but the office / reception only works standard business hours, so what are the “opening hours”?

tag office and gym separately? With access=permit on gym? (though =permit is widely used differently than intended due to poor and unclear value… It may be better to have more specific value)

“Shop” space with automated machines only is a somewhat common issue that comes up for =atm , =vending_machine , =parcel_locker etc. There is no good solution for them. Unfortunately the amenity= is defined for the machine. For separate points, amenity=atm is the best. If you really have to draw an area, the only obvious answer is indoor= =room or =area . The possibility of amenity=bank + automated=yes / self_service=yes may not be accepted, unlike the expectation and standard on =laundry and =fuel .
I don’t like prefixing opening_hours:*= . I find the leading example opening_hours:kitchen awful in the first place. For ATM, suffixing atm:*= is the standard for other attributes of this subfeature. That suddenly changes to opening_hours:atm= as a outlier. It fails to follow the hierarchy of atm= . In recent years, *:opening_hours is the format adopted in post_office:*= .
If I have to choose one, I feel service_times= is the best for these. “self-service” (nor “kitchen”) is not something that will be open. So eg service_times:self_service= would be more logical, while ignoring how self_service= itself and full_service= should be developed for now. It will also be in line with other future service types provided.
That being said, *_service:conditional= has been suggested and used. While I would indeed use eg self_service:conditional=only @ (21:00-09:00) myself preferring a sharable syntax, some may want to avoid the more complicated *:conditional= unless necessary.
For gym members or bank customers, and cards, it could be solved with membership= and authentication:*= . =permit is full of issues, discussed as recently as last month.

membership:conditional=yes @ (21:00-09:00)
authentication:membership_card:conditional=yes @ (21:00-09:00)

Arguably =yes should be improved with =required and =only . This would contrast better as found in reservation= .

I had forgotten about this tag, thank you for reminding me of it.

It seems like it’s a new tag but it will surely do the job. Thanks!

Yes, we could either have a specific opening_hours prefix / postfix and record separate opening hours for these, or we define a new tag for the automated part of a bank (I believe we should/could distinguish between automated parts of banks and fully automated banks that never see an employee). If we define a tag for the room, we can draw a polygon and put all the machines inside (or not, as seen helpful by the mapper), and give it the usual “opening_hours” tag without prefixes, so the latter is the more extensible, standard (spatial) way to do things.

If we went for a more implicit mapping style (along the lines of “atm=yes”), we should ideally distinguish different services like withdrawal, putting money on a account, making bank transfers (and possibly other transactions), and printing/checking the balance .