How to switch to OPS from Google map in Prestashop

Hi all,
I’m newbie so please if this post is not appropriate here feel free to move it.

I’m a Prestashop user a e-commerce CMS. Prestashop uses Google maps and Google API to locate my physical store and or customers addresses in order charts.

I would like to switch to OSM but I’m not able to understand how OSM API works

Any cookbook available?

Thank you in advance for your time

OSM doesn’t use an API to “show a location on a map”. The site uses a JS library called leaflet to do that. A URL such as encodes the zoom level, latitude and longitude. The underlying map tiles can be whatever you want, and you can host your own (for example is a simple map view incorporating tiles I’ve created). See also e.g. for vector rather than raster tiles.

There are external APIs for forward and reverse geolocation, of which Nominatim is one (see ) but unlike with Google there are several instances around the world, and you can host the data yourself for free.

I’m not aware of a drop-in replacement for Google Map API calls to replace them with OSM ones (my recollection was that one did exist for Cordova or Qt, but I can’t find a link right now).