How to start an Open Waste Map or environmental crime map?

Hello OSM Community,

first the disclaimer: Yes, I’m quite new to this forum and I do not know if this is the right spot to ask this question but on the other hand I already spent some time on researching if something like what I am searching for already exists. As I cloud not find anything this forum was the first place to ask.

During my vacation I came across some really sad places where people illegally disposed waste in the nature.
I was there as a tourist while hiking and had no possibility to “clean things up”.

What I did: I made a picture of the location and the waste with GPS position.
But what to do with that?
So I had the idea:

Could there be an “” or “”?

Such a map would make the environmental damage caused by humanity more transparent.
It would be like a bugtracker for waste.
There could be an app that makes it easy to post the position of the disposal… and also a status change if somebody was able to clean it up. …and so on…

What do you think of that?
How would you start something like that?
Whom to ask?


There are different Tools which may fit your needs:

Hi 4rch,

Thank you. I will look into that.

You should look at what the Estonian NGO Let’s Do It have done:

There was a talk at SotM-Baltics by Kadi Kenk: