How to show two or more relations in the same map

Hi all, I’m new to OpenStreetMap. I’m trying to print maps of the bus lines near my home, to paste them in the bus stops, and I turned to OSM for producing the maps, as it has most of the bus lines in my city defined. I’d like to, for example, combine these two bus lines:
and possibly others, into a single map, so that I may print it and paste it in the bus stop.
I tried searching for “osm combine relations”, “osm combine maps”, “osm merge relations”, etc, but couldn’t find a way yet. Could anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

when going to and entering there “print relation” … maybe there are several hints that come near your aim?

Or try other keywords there step by step.

Thanks. I searched but couldn’t find an answer, so I ended up posting a question.