How to setup OSM in own localhost ???

Hello. I was download Mongolian Ulaanbaatar city’s OSM from

How to setup localhost.

If you have step by step Tutorial help me.

i have 11 files, how to use. :expressionless:
ulaanbaatar.administrative.osm.bz2 (3.6K) (241.1K)
ulaanbaatar.coastline.osm.bz2 (3.6K)
ulaanbaatar.highway.osm.bz2 (152.4K) (79.6K) (102.6K)
ulaanbaatar.osm.bz2 (230.2K) (13.2K) (7.9K)
ulaanbaatar.poly (2.4K) (159.1K)


A link to the other thread would have been much more helpful than an all-caps post.

So here it is: