How to select several road segments to change their property?

Hello, I am very new to OpenStreetMap, and I find the editing interface very complicated. I am using ID editor. I drew some roads and continued some lines in a different road. Now some street segments are classified as a “secondary road”. I want to change the road type of these street segments into another, but I do not know how to. I click on the line, but it only selects that line. How can I select several segments to change its property?

Thank you in advance.

It would help to provide an example object or changeset.

If you want to do non-trivial edits, you should almost certainly be using JOSM, rather than iD. iD is a newbie editor and most useful for single points of interest or name changes.

On JOSM, you can select multiple segments by control-clicking them. You can also do searches to, for example, select all highways with a given name in your working area. If you select multiple items, JOSM will show a list of all the attributes, although it won’t show all the values if objects have different values.

Note, even if you are using iD, if you are changing the type of a road, you should specify a source. iD sort of specifies a source for geometry, by adding a tag about the imagery used, but Bing imagery does not provide any information on names, and it is difficult to tell the usage of the road.

I don’t think that you can select multiple ways (your “street segments” are “ways” in OSM parlance) and change only some tags* on them in iD, without merging.

You can merge ways in iD by selecting them via shift-click and then selecting “merge” from the menu, but you almost certainly don’t want to do that as there are likely to be differences in tagging* between the ways, or differences in relation membership.**

As hadw has mentioned there are other editors available. With both Potlatch 2 (select “edit with Potlatch 2” from the “Edit” drop-down menu) and JOSM (needs to be downloaded separately, then select “Edit with Remote Control”) you can select multiple ways and change just one tag.

  • see below the “all tags” text at the left in iD for the actual “tags” that describe what something is. A Secondary road will have a “highway=secondary” tag but it might have lots of others - lit=yes, sidewalk=none, etc.

** below the “all tags” section if there are any there’s “all relations”, includes details of which bus routes run over a section of road.

Thanks for the replies. Here is the link:

The road on the lower left of the black node was connected to the road on the right and thus, was also classified as a secondary road. That road on the lower left is a separate road that leads to a dump site, I think. If you could kindly split that road from the other and change its type as it would be so tedious to delete and redraw the road just to have its properties changed. Thanks.

I have split the secondary way and changed the lower left part to a service way.

Is there a pedestrian crossing, where the (just changed) service way is connected to the secondary way? If not, please remove the crossing attribute there.


Thank you very much for fixing that. If it’s not asking too much, could you also please fix these roads. These roads are long enough to redraw, and I am unfamiliar with the advanced tools to easily separate them from each other.

The road on the junction leading to the upper left is a residential road leading to a subdivision. However, it is erroneously connected to the road on the right, which should be a separate tertiary road. Again, thanks in advance.

I just realized/discovered clicking on a node shows an option to cut/split the road into two, making it easier to edit the type. Kindly ignore my request above. Thanks.