How to select layers or geometries for slideshow in umap?

this may be silly, but I really would like to thank the umap people for doing such a good tool. It is intuitive, simple to learn, simple to use and keep giving me ideas what to analyse and visualise spatially. Thanks!

Having saying that I have a question about the slideshow option: Is it possible to select layers or geometries to be shown in the slideshow?

I know it would be possible to clone my original map and to delete everything I don’t want to be shown in the slideshow. My idea is though to use the slideshow to show some interesting aspects as example of the whole dataset and to provide a more deep analysis about it.

Have someone already tried to do something like this in uMap? If not, how can I suggest this as a future feature?

Thanks in advance!


I’m not sure I understand your need, but you should check the documentation (only in dutch for this specific part for some reason, I’m afraid).

To suggest features, I think the project’s issue tracker would be the best place.