How to see your GPS trace on the Map?

About a year ago I somehow managed to see the map with all uploaded GPS-traces (or also just mine).

Now I don’t manage to get there anymore. When I click on Edit I get my trace and the map, but the interface is not very comfortable.

Which is the easiest way to

  • see my GPS trace on the map (to figure out if the street is already entered)
  • see a map with all gps-traces that were uploaded there


There is a small icon, which looks like a eraser, in the left corner that you can click. It says “Show GPS traces” on the tool tip, click that. Or (“G”).

Ah, thanks. I see. It’s just that I expected more GPS traces to be there, so thats why I didnt find soo much. How did they make the plan, then? Hmm…

But it would be nice having some Windows application where you quickly can look up your GPS-traces on the map. With that Edit-Interface it takes me about 5 minutes to get some useful picture.

If you want only gps traces, you could take a look at kosmos. It will create a vector rendering of OSM and you can load gpx files with it.

You can also use Merkaartor or JOSM on Windows, they can load GPS points and OSM data.