how to see TRACK on the map

i have this track

what is the link/url to see track on the map?
or it is impossible at all??


but one problem: much places occupied by table in the bottom, and in the left.
i need only map on whole screen.

how to do it on the
or do you know some other appropriate server for it?

This is great too.
You can make it full screen and choose the type of map background


  1. i dont see, how to login to save track on the server, or how to append url of track to url of, something like

  2. what should i click to make full screen??

  3. i need variant for presentation, where user dont need to click anything.
    something like
    (but people in china cannot see google map, so i.e. it is also un-appropriate)

I expect you would need to download the gpx track from your link first and then upload to the program you choose for most applications.

Using this site , I copied the link you gave and pasted at "Or provide the URL of static data on the Web: "
I also changed a couple of other inputs - “General map parameters” width and Initial map type: to openstreetmap.
After drawing the map you will see a link to share the map with others.

The full screen comment was incorrect - I was thinking of the site.
This one is quick and simple too and has full screen button and sharing capacity but not on osm.

There are more track drawing apps to try out here for your more specific needs

If you just want to have an overlay temporarily for checking purposes, you could just open “My GPS tracks” and click on “Edit”. The trace will be shown as overlay to your favorite editor without any further download or upload.