How to see routing issues (OSM Inspector)

Hello Israeli community,

After a long while Geofabrik is releasing a almost daily updated routing view that includes Israel.
Meaning you can see what roads in Israel are not connected properly to each other.

This is very important for any kind of routing with OSM based navigation software.
Specially the red dots needs urgent attention. Sometimes main highways in Israel got disconnected because of mistakes and this causes strange routing calculation :slight_smile:

In the past weeks after they released those frequent updated it I have done my homework and fixed hundreds of bugs.
Today I have got a status where we have almost no issues in Israel anymore.

So I’m asking everybody to check out this tool from time to time in their area and look for a issue that can be fixed.
It is only showing those that are not connected an in 99 % of the cases this is really a mistake.

So here the link to the OSM Inspector (worldwide routing) :,unconnected_major2,unconnected_major5,unconnected_minor1,unconnected_minor2,unconnected_minor5

Over all we have a great quality of ways in Israel within Openstreetmap.
We just need to keep it this way :slight_smile:

Beside that you can also look for ways that have no tag at all.
Alot of those dead roads exist in Israel: