How to report errors

Hey there,

I just began to use OSM within Osmand and encountered something wrong that I’d like to report. I noticed the pages about quality assurance in the wiki but I find that a little too esoteric for me (I don’t even know wether it is an error within the OSM data or within Osmand (or both). I was about to encounter a roundabout when the Voice told me to use the seventh exit even though the roundabout has just four. The map and the directions were correctly displayed.

any help is much appreciated!


Could you describe where the round-about is, the OSM data can then be checked.

Yes, it’s here:

I approached the roundabout from the north (“Südlenger str.”) and was supposed to use the third exit (counting counterclockwise) to “Elsestraße”.


Thanks for taking the time to report the issue! I know our documentation can be quite daunting at first.

You can try navigation on to check errors like this. Example.
In this case, both car navigators get it right. So not a data issue.

If you can replicate the issue on your Osmand, take a screenshot and send it to the Osmand google group

In case you spot another error, you can make a Note to let mappers know. Make an account and make sure you are logged in, that way we can still ask questions for more details if needed.

You can even make Notes from within Osmand if you activate OSM Editing.

^^ Thanks for your explanation! :slight_smile:

I forgot to add that I took the bike.

it wasn’t the map on the screen that was wrong/confusing but the voice that told me to take an exit that doesn’t seem to exist.

Perhaps this may explain it:

Exit 8?

When I move the yellow thing onto the cycling path (where I drove), I get one exit less:

I’ll hit the street tomorrow and see if it happens again.


OK, investigate further :slight_smile:

I’m thinking it’s an Osmand issue.

Usually, Osmand also shows the exit number on screen. Where you will usually see a huge arrow indicating left or right while navigating, a roundabout icon with exit number should appear when approaching the roundabout. Also, you don’t have to go out to simulate, you could also plan a route within Osmand starting right before the roundabout.

Using Bycicle option you are routed by this “roundabout” -
This roundabout counts all exits, and in your first example there are 8 exits because it count all the ways that you can use to exit the roundabout, not only the cycleway but also other roads.

Should this way be tagged as roundabout?
Should the router count only the cycleway as exits?

Should this way be tagged as roundabout?

Wouldn’t that make 9 exits then (three exits and three travel modes)?

Of course. How can one travel in more than one mode at the same time? When I’m coming from the north (“Südlenger str.”) and heading to the east (“Elsestr.”), I should be instructed to use the third exit.

err…yes? Well, it is a roundabout…

I made a longer stress-test (160km by racing bike) and extended my above findings. The given voice-routing directions are often useless as they differ far too often from the (correct) ones on the map:

  • roundabouts are not being addressed as such
  • wrong directions or even none are given
  • a few times I was told that I’d reach my destination in xxx meters even though I was still 120 km away
  • estimated time was (sometimes) given as something like “55 hours”
  • distances to a turn are wrong (I believe)
  • advancing bends are announced even though is no other way

…and some more that I don’t recall now…

Therefore, I had to crosscheck the voice directions with the map on the screen - this is not good a) if you’re travelling on a higher speed/during traffic and b) as it drains vital battery life.

As this seems to be a "feature"of OSM, I may have to look elsewhere. :frowning:

I regularly use OSM for routing in Garmin eTrex and Nuvi devices and don’t see any of those, except where people have mapped stuff wrong (e.g. if someone doesn’t map a roundabout, then it won’t be treated as a roundabout when directions are given, but that’s an easily corrected mapping error).

That’s one that I do see - if two parts of the same road are different ways in OSM than it will sometimes announce “bear left on X” when it just means “stay on the same road”.

Ok, what do I do now? :confused:

Like Joost Schouppe said, “If you can replicate the issue on your Osmand, take a screenshot and send it to the Osmand google group”.


Thomas Holmes Street / Skyline Drive, Maribyrnong VIC - On your map, it shows Thomas Holmes Street going around a bend and ending at the roundabout with Edgewater Boulevard. However Thomas Holmes Street ends at the bend. Once you go around the bend, it becomes Skyline Drive. i hope this can be fixed.

Kind regards,


The street name of the road segment from the corner of Machinery Drive and Greenway Drive to Minjungbar Drive (going right) is incorrect. It should also be Machinery Drive instead of Greenway Drive. I hope this can be fixed. Thank you

richmond@au you are the best person to fix it.
Just go to and sign on for free and with your account you can use the edit button at the top to correct things you find wrong and add other stuff that is missing in your area.

Very usefool topic…thanks…

And one more question. Every time I try to get the links of a website (‘href’) I’m met by only able to get their contact/policies URL’s and other things on top of that. When I inspect the website on chrome, the URL’s are under the tags and a simple .get(‘href’) doesn’t work to get them. I assume the site has counteractive measurements to block me from scraping it, however, is there any way to get by it?