How to replace barrier=yes?

How to tag such barrier?

Osmose/JOSM says “barrier=yes is unspecific. Please replace ‘‘yes’’ by a specific value.”
but I couldn’t find a proper value on

I’ve had the same problem. Not enough “legal” values according to the wiki, thus IMHO the generic “yes” needs to disappear from the validation rules.

Have a look at
Here you can see what values are currently used. Maybe you find a proper one.

As you can see the usage of undefined values is unlikely very common.

If you search for images on the internet of a ‘roadblock sign’ , it seems it looks like those of your images. :wink:
And if someone would like to add this ‘barrier=roadblock_sign’ on , here is a good wikimedia (=free to copy) image →,Pahoa(504088)(22559782366).jpg

Consider it a kind of fence?

I know about taginfo, but I don’t know how is it called in English :P. Neither in my mother tongue :wink:
Maybe I will change it to barrier=roadblock as henke54 suggests.

I think that’s the best suggestion so far. Depending on how solid it is I’d go for either “fence” or “guard_rail”.


There must be an English word for this, better than “scare fence.”

That puzzles me a bit because a roadblock is only temporary, AFAIK.

A schrikhek , also named afzethek , which is more comparable with ‘roadblock sign’ , is also temporarily.

I also found the word at verkeersborden for non-temporary fences.

The main feature of these fences is that they are highly visible, so perhaps fence_type=high_visibility_fence?

maybe barrier=roadblock_sign + temporary=yes/no ?
In Belgium, there is also ‘schoolstraat’ , a temporary roadblock sign for streets(or part of it) at schools →

It does not necessarily have to be a roadblock. In my neighbourhood there is a t-junction along the water. A “schrikhek” prevents cyclists from driving into the water in the dark. It is therefore located next to the path and only serves as a warning sign.

The report of the “schoolstraat” does not suggest that the road will be physically blocked and I actually don’t see any relation with fences.

edit: I overlooked the part “waar tijdelijk en tijdens bepaalde uren aan de toegangen een verplaatsbare afsluiting geplaatst is” (where temporarily and during certain hours a removable blockade will be placed at the entrances).

In the pictures in the first comment it is unclear why those fences are located there. Do they block any access to the road area behind it, separate traffic flows from each other or signal a dangerous situation? These fences should have a common feature because otherwise there is no reason to introduce a new tag for them.