How to render more details(like street lines, pedestrian crossing etc)

I start to use Osm recently, I made a tile server with Mapnik 3.0.0 based on Database postgreSQL that renders a basic level of details. Now I have to create my own street and I would visualize more details, for example pedestrian crossing and road stripes, when I zoom on the map.
I don’t want satellite view.
Is it possible that this is a limitation of my Tile Server? Is there an alternative to render this kind of details?

Thanks in advance.

You ‘simply’ need to add rules to your Mapnik style sheets. In practice this may be quite complex.

Are you using raw Mapnik or a compiled stylesheet generated from something like MapCSS?

A typical complex problem would be that pedestrian crossings are typically mapped as nodes (points) on the road. If you want to draw the zebras stripes on them you need to create a suitable way from the point:

  • Find the azimuth of the road that contains a pedestrian crossing (in PostGIS query)
  • Draw a line at 90 degrees to this angle, with centre point on the node, length will vary by road type (in PostGIS query)
  • Style the line

and so on for each feature you are interested in.