How to remove uploaded trace files

I have a Garmin Legend C and found that if I save my tracks to the GPS unit and then download the tacks to my PC it loses the time information.

I found a post on the wiki that says you need to add the tag for each trackpoint. I did this with a simple text editor. I used the same time for each trkpt tag. I did this for several gpx files and uploaded them, yep used the same time as well.

Looking at the traces they are drawn perfectly. When I then look at the map and select to view traces then there appears to be a corruption within the drawing as I now have a mess of trace lines over the map with what looks like the merging of several gpx files.

Is there a way to remove the uploaded files or repair them?

Thanks in advance

Currently it is not possible to remove uploaded GPX files yourself. It is probably best to write an email to the talk mailing list and provide the necessary info (filename, tags, username) and hope that someone with access to the server is willing to remove it.

While adding timestamps to your GPX files by hand is a noble craft :), there are tools that can do that for you. I believe GPS babel can do that for you, but there’s also a Python script specifically for that.

This should be implemented - because I just uploaded a file which does not have any meaning :frowning:

It was actually posible a while ago. The ability to remove files vanished when the new api appeared, so I’m shore it will return at some point, unless the plan is to take steps backwards.