How to remove all bus stops

Hi! How to delete from map all bus stops? Develop in kotlin to android app

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Openstreetmap is a database, with a ton of raw data in it (like bus stops)

You’re likely using map tiles someone rendered from that data (while the data is free to use, the tiles may not be).

  • If these are raster tiles, that’s just image files. You are stuck with what they look like. Many applications use raster tiles, and add other data on top, but removing stuff from the tiles is much harder than adding.
  • If these are vector tiles, you may be able to edit the stylesheet that’s used for rendering. It may also be possible to filter out data from the tiles themselves.

If the tiles you are using don’t fit your usecase, you may have to render your own from the OSM data.

In case the reason you want to remove the stops is that you have better bus stop data you want to display instead, one option might be to simply edit that better data into OSM. If your data source allows that.

You might want to rephrase your title from

How to remove all bus stops


“How to not show bus stops on the map I’m using?”

Removing lots of bus stops from the OSM database (by script or manually) could be seen as vandalism.

The answer then could be: render your own map, ignoring OSM’s public transport data, adding your own data.

Example: my local public transport authority in Munich, Germany, the MVV does so.

Why would you want to remove bus stops?