How to produce the smallest OSM data file for text-only routing ?


I am new to OpenStreetMap but I have already read several docs, downloaded planet.osm and begun to look at its XML structure.

I am programming a piece of software with GPS functionalities and would like to compute and suggest a route between the user and a destination, like common GPS devices.
I don’t need anything else routes information, I don’t need any graphical element, even routes shapes, because I don’t need to show any map, I just want my software to be able to suggest text-only route steps, for an example :

My questions are:

  1. Is OpenStreetMap the right product to do that?
  2. I need to have the OSM data embedded, without client-server communication. How to produce the smallest OSM file to do that? In other words, what to keep and how to select the minimum of nodes just to have roads and connexions between them?

By advance, thank you very much for your help !


There areat least two sources for information about your aim:


The last one wiki page has links to some apps that can do orientation or even routing only by voice guidance.

Maybe this can help you a bit?