How to print a map

Hi all,

I would like to print a map for me from the my hometown, so I could make easy a reallitycheck.
I could print the map on a large format printer, the first way I found to get a map, was to download each tile
stick them together and save them into one file. But the resolution is not so good.
Is there anotherway to get a better map ?

Thank you


You can use Kosmos for that, it supports (or will support) multi page printing.

There’se no easy way to do this in linux, is there?

You can also print from the export tab on the website or use GNUplot.


There’s a guide here specifically targetted at Linux that may help



You can use Bigmap for maps with max 2000X2000 pixel.

Merkaartor (I think newer than 0.12) supports rendering as well.
And you can style the map the way you want.

You can render either a SVG or a Bitmap (JPG, PNG) of a freely definable area (which was loaded into Merkaartor before).