How to place text on the map


I tried in Potlach2 to place text on the map, to indicate the name of a geographic feature (the name of a saddle in Austria, “Preinecksattel”). Such text is frequently found in OSM maps, e.g. designations of rivers, etc.
However, I had no success and did not find any useful reference in the various help pages.

  • Can this not de done in Potlach2, only with more sophisticated instruments?
  • If Potlach2 allows that to be done, please, how?

Many thanks, Fritz B

You don’t want to “place text on the map”, you want to add something to the data and tell it it’s name. This might be displayed on a map, but most features aren’t rendered on “the” map – That’s why there is a Transport Map, a Cyclemap, a Seamap, …

You’re apparently talking about this Node. Based on the Wikipage this seems nearly correct to me (The description=* should be removed since there is no “description” in it), but I usually don’t map geographical features, so maybe someone else might want to correct me.

Since you’re writing your Changeset-Comments in german you might prefer the German section of this board, which btw is more frequently visited (iirc there is also one for austria).

Oh and… Welcome to OSM :wink: