How to maximize secure bike paths when asking for directions?

Hey :wave:, when looking at OSM around where I am, it seems to know very well what streets offer secure bike paths. Yet when I ask for directions (I’ve tried all the different bike maps/routers), I am unable to find an option to requests directions maximizing those secure paths and it inevitably offers me to ride on streets not offering good bike paths. Am I missing something here or is there a piece missing to allow something like this to exist?

The routing options on are mostly provided for mappers to use to debug connectivity. They are not as advanced as a dedicated cycling router using OSM data.

You may want to look at Brouter, RideWithGPS, Komoot, (disclaimer - my site), or many other sites for a more fully featured cycle routing experience, all of which are built on OSM data.

@Richard Thank you very much for your reply. I’ve tested a lot of them and actually has the best suggestions I think :clap: I wish it didn’t suggest to use “Rue de Provence” in Paris, which is awful (but for some reason this street is recommended in many places). Screenshot below. Is there a way to maximize the paved paths? I noticed the “Paved” option at the top maximizes the paved roads but not necessarily the secured paved paths. Also I very much appreciated the “Find Alternative” option and even wish it could offer even more alternatives so I can find more possible routes. I like it very much.

Edit: I have posted here on the forums, as it is a more appropriate place for my questions about the site.