How to mark intersection where going stright is not allowed?

This route is not allowed in either direction:

I tried to add a Only Left Turn relations like in the changeset: Relation: 16495207 | OpenStreetMap but that does not seem to help routing to exclude this path:

Your tags seem correct, but routers can take days to update their navigation databases, so you have to wait to be sure it works as intended.

Maybe like this:

… with four only_straight_on relations (red arrows).
I like to make these type of relations in iD because it’s so easy.

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Coming from the south,
1st crossing is obligatory straight on
2nd you go left
3rd you go straight on (I think this last one should also be obligatory straight on and same when coming from north going east. That would make six only_straight_on relations in total)

I see no problems.

@Jinx_Alternative I see that this is only your 6th map change. Maybe a more experienced mapper should clean up that complicated crossroads. The way it is now is clearly wrong.

I had some private communication with @Jinx_Alternative and noticed the most recent update had quite some problems:

So I did revert some changesets in Josm and updated the restrictions so that now I think everything is working as it should.

See Changeset 143221773

The problem with the restriction is likely that it is not a simple restriction.

A “simple restriction” is one with only one “from”, one “via” and one “to”, your relation, on this moment (version 2), has five members.

Complexe restrictions (those via more that 3 members) are often not supported by routers and often also not needed.

What I think you like to do can be done with 2 restrictions.

To help explaining I did give the road segments numbers, 11/12/13 and the via nodes 20/21.


  • First restriction is a no_straight_on from 11 via 21 to 12
  • Second restriction is a no_straight_on from 11 via 20 to 10

I think you need two more restrictions:

  • only_straight_on from 10 via 20 to 11
  • only straight_on from 12 via 21 to 11