how to mark hiking trails and runnung trails?

I tried to add a few hiking trails to the map. But is seems that the only way to add trails is to add highway=footway.

However what i would like to add is all of the following.

  1. Running trails (recreational short trails in populated areas)
    1a. Illuminated running well defined trail.
    1a. Well defined trail. (could be equal to highway=footway).

  2. Hiking trails.
    2a. Well defined (marked). Winter and sumer trail.
    2b. Well defined (marked) summer only trail. (Not recommended or impossible to use during winter).
    2c. Well defined (marked) winter only trail. (Not recommended or impossible to use during summer).

Here is an image with the suggestions (the image will be available a month or two).

Observe that i have selected to use only one colour apart from black, simply from experience with different maps. After many years of using various colour schemes and path markings i find the suggested to be the most easy to read and use.

any comments and what do i do next?


Interesting problem, I have mapped many different sorts of footpath, but nothing like what you are talking about. I think most of the examples you have require additional tags. Streets that are lit for example would be lit=yes. There are roads that open and close seasonally also, so I would again think you need to add an additional tag that can be applied to anything to state when its open/closed.

Fot the moment, and until there is a fully standadised tagging scheme, I suggest you tag how you think is logical and propose it on the wiki.

The 5 types of path I have commonly seen are, highways (ones that are legal access rights) permissive footways, rouets threw forests that are just where people have walked in an area wich is public. There often just a suggested route to take. There is private footpaths and then footpaths that are provided for people to use, but have no specific legal access rights to them.

Sometimes routes then go ontop of these paths/footways, wich I’ve currently got as route=. These are things like short circular suggested walks in a woods.

The colour doesn’t matter too much, thats up to whoever renders it.

I’m also working on trails and have run into the problem of trails sharing the same way for short periods. Any suggestions for how to name the sections shared by multiple trails?

Grouping different ways into a route could best be solved using relations. That also sorts the problem where multiple routes share the same ways.