How to map this wall, letters, name (I don't know the name in English)

There are some kind of walls with letters on it, that shows the name of the place.

I have these examples here:

I don’t know the name in English, and I haven’t found a word in Spanish for this.

These are called monument signs or ground signs. For a long time, there was only an advertising=totem tag for a pole sign or pylon sign, and only if it was being used to advertise a business. However, a recent discussion about signs with a political message resulted in a new man_made=sign tag that isn’t limited to a particular form factor or message. To indicate that the monument sign isn’t supported by a pole, you could try support=ground/pedestal or location=surface.

I’ve created the man_made=sign wiki page but I’m wondering if advertising=sign wouldn’t be more relevant with, perhaps, a complementary tag like message=*.

I’m wondering the same thing for this case as for the recent discussion about political sign