How to map public transport on private areas?

I am wondering if I can add “public” transport for bus lines on private property. This could be bus lines on exposition centers, theme parks or company shuttles.
This is the relation I wanted to create: #17018740.
I saw that OSM Inspector is not showing my route, and that OSM relatify only allows to select non-access-restricted ways.
Any advice?
Thank you

That’s a limitation and usability guard in those tools. Relatify won’t work if a =service is wrongly grouped eg service=parking_aisle either. You can add them in other tools as usual.
There’s no public_transport= involved in route=bus itself, if you are worried or trying to debate this semantics. Also, the term “public transport” can be seen as mixed with “mass transit”, when taxis can sometimes be included in public transport, and “private” use bus are still mass passenger carriers.

Thank you for your response. You are right, but still I am wondering if there is anything I can do better to have it entered as good as possible. There are further customer-bus lines that I would like to add, but as I am not very experienced on this field, I wanted to discuss first: Relation: ‪Bus 1: Ness Charter‬ (‪17018740‬) | OpenStreetMap
feedback is very welcome