How to map paint markers on a hiking trail?

I think I understand how to use osmc:symbol to specify a marking of a route. However, how can I map a random trail that is not a part of any real route that somebody marked non-uniform splashes of paint?

This would need to be part of mapping ways, not relations, and the obvious candidate is colour=white (in my case, the marking was white, which per wiki wont be rendered on OSMC anyway), but its wiki page does not seem to indicate this is used and would be understood.

On theo ther hand, trailblazed seems to suggest osmc:symbol can be used on ways. However, how to map splashes of paint, like “osmc:symbol=white”?

I’m glad you’ve brought this up. I’ve just been tagging the ways using trailblazed=yes along with the colour=, though I don’t know if that’s “correct” or if any systems look at or render it. I agree that the trailblazed wiki page could be clearer about ideal tagging for just “there’s a path with colored blazes along it”.

A lot of the trail tagging documentation seems to be for longer-distance “routes”, but I’m often mapping shorter “trails” through a park or nature reserve. I’ve just been putting the tags (like symbol=) on the ways rather than making a small hiking route relation, but I don’t know what the best approach is either.