How to map hotels with camper facilities?


In for example many countries in Africa it is quite common that hotels and resorts offer camping facilities for campers and sometimes tents. Parking is at the court or the parking of the hotel. Sometimes separate ablutions are available, sometimes you get a room key to use its ablutions. Many keys like for camp_sites are applicable, for example availability of electricity, (hot) shower, …

What is the best way to map this? Extra keys for the hotel, an additional camping or an additional impromptu camping?


Jan van Bekkum

There is also a tag ‘caravan_site’, used for motorhomes. Some campsites have a separate place for motorhomes, in that case I use two tags. One for the campsite and one for the caravan site. I suppose it is best to do the same when a campsite is combined with a hotel, one tag for the hotel and one tag for the campsite.