How to map different type of buses.

There are different type of buses in different cities, for instance:

  • City buses
  • Intercity and International buses
  • Minibuses that operates differently
  • Private/shuttle buses that serve a particular property or property groups
  • BRT
  • Renewed bus service
  • Sightseeing buses
  • Shuttle buses for disabled person
  • Feeder buses for specific customers only
  • Bus services that require prior booking
  • On demand buses
  • Village buses
  • etc.

Currently in the wiki page for Public Transportation, it seems to implies that it is better to not sub-categorize these different type of buses because of expectation and usefulness to different users, but sometimes it would be a mess on the map if all of them are tagged with the same type of bus route and same type of bus stop with all different options display together on a same map, and then since each of these transportation tools serve different purposes, it is also more usable in some cities when there are a huge number of bus routes and bus stops.

So, what sort of tags/keys can be used to tag all these different types of buses when it is necessary to sub-divide all these different type of buses? I have checked the local map, and then it seems like because of this, only the bus routes for city buses are being tagged and everything else are not being added to the transportation map. It would also be useful in various situations, for instance at lower zoom level intercity buses should be more prominently shown while at higher zoom level it should be able to display more prominently for localized transportation options.

About a year ago there was a proposal covering quite a few of the issues you raise:
I don’t know if anybody has tried tagging according to any of the suggestions in that proposal - it looks like the page stopped being updated without any clear conclusion.

One possible factor discouraging mapping of long-distance routes, especially those with few stops, is that the route actually travelled may be difficult to verify without actually travelling on the route - and even then, would you know if the bus company always uses the same route, if only the departure and destination points are advertised? Arguably it should be possible to map these with only the stops and no route segments, but I think the current public transport options don’t really encourage this.