How to map different lanes on both-way cycleway

Osmose says: suspicious tag segregated=yes, foot=no: for way

Indeed, here segregated=no is supposed to mean: the two lanes for the two directions for bikes are seperated by a dashed line. Additionally the two lanes have arrows for the directions and bike symbols.
The wiki says to use segregated to tell if foot and cycle are seperated.

I know that oneway=no already specifies that this cycleway can be used in both directions but the seperation by a dashed line is not included in oneway=no as far as I understand it.

This question is interesting for me because this situation of seperated bike lines for the two directions on a cycleway exists a lot of times in Reykjavik.

How to map the separation of the cycle lanes?

And: is this forum the correct place to ask the question?

The tag “segregated” is only for paths for pedestrians and bicycles. You should remove it.

I am aware that the tag segregated is not intended for this use case. I am mainly asking how to map the fact, that the cycleway has two lanes for the two directions.

I think oneway=no would be sufficient.