How to map crossing of underground building and highway on surface

I have an underground parking lot (completly under surface) with footway at surface (above it). In OSM the parking lot is mapped like this:

building=yes + building:levels=0 + building:levels:underground=1 + some parking tags. footway on surface is only highway=footway

The problem is when I run JOSM validation it gives me error that building and highway are crossing. How do I properly fix this? Should I put layer=-1 to the underground parking?

Yes, whenever you stack objects that are not crossing you have to put layer=* on them so that it is clear in what order they appear from bottom to top. If no layer tag is attached that defaults to layer=0. It’s customary to put layer=0 on an object on ground level but you can chose arbitrary values as long as the order is clear.

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