How to map check points?

Hi all,

Since the proposal for check points has been abandoned, how do you map check points? Especially if there is no barrier of the type accepted by OSM? I’m thinking of the numerous military and police checkpoints near borders, etc. where everybody is stopped. Wooden chicanes with barbed wire and oil drums permanently on the road.

Usually I make a node in the road a barrier and if there is a building next to it I put a node there as police station or barracks.

Any other suggestions?


I did highway=checkpoint

I don’t remember where I found this tag. It might need some re-tagging. taginfo lists 42 occurrences world-wide.

Peter: What type of barrier did you use? Tagging that way also sounds reasonable.


I only used lift barriers where they exist in reality. Otherwise, I can’t see any way to actually tag them and make them appear in either renderer or Garmin maps. As far as I remember, highway=checkpoint is an abandoned proposal.