How to map bike lane only on one side of the road?

Hello ! i am trying to improve the documentation of cycleways around Lausanne, Switzerland. One local speciality is to have a marked cycle lane on one side of the road, accessible in one direction, but nothing in the other side (other direction), or a separated path for foot/bicycle on one side / direction and just a cycle lane on the other side… It is not clear to me how such a situation can be easiy documented

I see the tag cycle lane left / right, but my understandig of that is it refers to the direction of trafic, so here (driving right) "right means outside and left “inside”. And in case this would be the right thing, how can I decide where is right and where is left ???

Relevant section of the cycleway wiki page that explains this:

Note that “right” and “left” are relative to the direction in which the way was drawn in the editor, and not necessarily the direction of real-world travel. (In the iD editor, for example, the direction is indicated by arrows at the mid-point of each segment of the way.)

If there is a bicycle lane only on the left side, use cycleway:left=lane. While not technically necessary you may want to also include cycleway:right=no to indicate that there is no cycling infrastructure on the right side.

If there is a bicycle lane on the left and a physically separate bicycle path on the right, that would be cycleway:left=lane + cycleway:right=track. If the path on the right is mapped as a separate way in OSM, instead use cycleway:right=separate on the main road way to indicate this.

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Look here. and find for example cycleway:left=lane and/or cycleway:right=lane