How to map an utility tunnel

Hi, how to tag an “utility tunnel” where AC/DC, telecommunications (optical fiber) and other type of cables pass, which can be accessed by the maintenance team on foot, 2m height
something like that? I’m not sure
Do you know something more suitable?

Not sure I’ve seen anything along those lines. I’d go straight access=no on something like that.

The layer tag isn’t needed unless it crosses something else.

It might need some sort of highway tag. Maybe =path or =alley?

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Technically it’s still a man_made=tunnel first. Only that =footway + access=no is easier ti add.
height= is ill-defined on a tunnel, since there are many measures of cross-section and clearance. On a highway=, it would be maxheight:phsyical=, however this excludes headroom from any structure on top of the tunnel cell.
utility= on a =footway might not be very meaningful, although I might add it anyway.