How to map a university campus.

I am looking for a good example of how to map a university.

Some of us have begun mapping the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities campus, but there is some confusion about how to proceed, (or perhaps we simply disagree). Some of us have been using amenity=university for individual buildings, but that can’t be right. I could see using amenity=university to outline the entire campus, except that it consists of three separate areas, (the west bank, the east bank, and the agricultural campus). There is also the question of how to label individual buildings. For example, the Department of Mathematics is located within Vincent Hall: would that be building=yes; name=Vincent Hall; description=Department of Mathematics? (And what to do when engineering and computer science share a building?). Finally, the building called Walter Library contains the Science and Engineering Library: would that be building=yes; amenity=library; name=Walter Library; description=Science and Engineering Library?

To conclude, I hope someone has already addressed all such issues and mapped a university well. I would like to study such examples. Can you direct me to them?

There are lots of Universities mapped

This is a good question, maybe you could try to invent your own tags for those descriptions: e.g. “library_type=science and engineerng” and “faculty=Math Dept.” or something.

Also, take a look at relations and proceed with caution. :slight_smile: