How to map a trap camera?

I want to solve this note that refers to the location of a trap camera to monitor animal activity -Note: 3922925 | OpenStreetMap.

These are some options:

What is the best way?

I think both tags are a bit of a stretch, IMHO these merit something dedicated.

there are 2 man_made=camera_trap - which is not lot but seems to fit:

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That would be my choice as well. Anyhow you have to be aware that some of these camera traps are only temporarily located in a certain place and will be moved to another location after some weeks or months, so such an object requires regular checkup unless you can get some information from the owner about how long the trap will be located in that place.

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If it’s actually a camera, I’d lean towards man_made=surveillance, surveillance=outdoor, and then see if you can find appropriate surveillance:zone or surveillance:type tags, and if nothing works, propose something here or go with ATYL.

If it’s not a camera and uses other sensors then man_made=monitoring_station is probably more appropriate and you’d be able to find/propose/ATYL more tags to describe it better.