How to map a huge number of buildings packed together, for example in Asia?

Hi forum!
Already googled, but couldn’t find a solution, decided to ask other mappers here.
The question is actually quite simple - how do you map places like this?

A lot of times I’m seeing such places in various countries around the world, this is from Vietnam, for example.
Mapping them all individually - is either in the brink of being impossible to do correctly, or just will take unreasonable amount of time. One of solutions I saw in some places - someone map it all as a one huge building, others as a residential area, but if there is already a big res area there - what do you recommend to do, how do more experienced mappers here deal with this?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Making a map of the world takes “unreasonable amount of time” yet that’s what we’re all doing here. So eventually it is desirable to map each individual building, even though it is a lot of work and will introduce some errors, but it is better than not mapping it and much better than mapping it as one huge building.

I’ll will be “unreasonable” to map one capital alone… so imagine two !