How to map a hospital?

Hi all

I want to map Peterborough City Hospital in greater detail.

  1. What would be the best way to help people find the location of clinics? (Signage is notoriously terrible)
    – For now I have put POIs for the Women’s and Children’s unit and the Emergency Department within the building polygon.
    – These are large areas of the hospital served with their own discrete entrances: I’ve placed the POIs close to the entrance that serves them, rather than in the ‘bowels’ of the building where patients are actually seen.
    – Would it be better to map the entrances as such, and if so, is it possible to label them for the clinic they serve?

  2. I’m now mindful of the dangers of mapping for the renderer. Nonetheless, are there important considerations about footpaths and roads that I can bear in mind if I want this map to be useful for people using OSM routers as an accessibility tool? (partially sighted/mobility impaired/etc) I’m talking newbie advice here - eg, only lately have I understood that you need to connect your footpaths to roads, or they’re useless in a router.

  3. Is it possible to map the inside of the building? Google turns up a few OSM pages, but they seem to talk about an obsolete project.
    Eg OpenIndoorMaps and IndoorOSM

  4. If anyone looking at the current map thinks there are other priorities, it would be great to hear.

Thanks all,

Edward (still a newbie)

Have a look at: these wiki pages for a start::
emergency ward

and for Indoor mapping.

as for priorities, the great thing about the project is that each individual mapper can decide was has the highest priority.
In some areas that is adding roads, in other buildings. Some people jjust add names of shops, others add historic buildings, dog parks, playgorunds, etc.

Thanks, both: helpful and encouraging replies!

@escada, do I put the layers of indoor mapping on the regular OSM map? (I always forget what the default basic in-browser editor is called)

Or is it a different database edited elsewhere?