How to manage overlapping ways

I am new to OSM and I have started recently to add hiking path to the map. I faced several times the following problem : a portion of the path I want to add follows and overlap an existing way, for example an administrative boundary, a wood area, etc.
An example is this part of the map where I added a path and cliff : the path and the cliff follow and overlap with an existing administrative boundary.
What is the correct way to manage this kind of things ?

  • Drawing the new path by cliquing on the existing way ?

  • Or drawing the new path as close as possible of the existing way ?

  • Or …

I have searched on OSM sites and browsed on the web but cannot find something useful. Maybe I do not used the correct keywords for my search.

You need local knowledge of the specific case. If one feature defines the other, which is often the case for administrative boundaries, you should plot a second way over the same nodes. If there is no causal relation, you should plot them independently. JOSM enables you to disable ways based on their tagging, so you can draw the new way without its snapping to the old one.

Thanks for the tip. I didn’t know the filter function of JOSM. It is very useful to avoid having the plot stuck to every neighbouring way.