How to make realtime vehicle tracking with osm map?

I want to track any moving devices, how can i do that with osm map. Can anyone provide me a sample working example plesae.

OpenStreetMap is essentially just a big pile of data. You can use that to create and display a background on which your moving items are displayed, but OSM itself wont be able to display those moving items.

There are various ways of displaying “things on top of a map background”, but which is appropriate to you depends on what sort of map you want. Do you want one generated image? Something the user can scroll around? Something visible in a web browser? Something visible in a desktop or mobile app? is probably better-suited to a question such as yours, but you’ll definitely need to provide much more detail about what you’re trying to do and what you’ve already looked at first - otherwise your question will just get closed as “too broad”.

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