How to make Rails_port use local Postgresql's data

First, I’m a newbee here, thanks you for your reading, and I apologize for my bad English…

  • I setup Rails_port, PostgreSQL, imported my city data by using Osmosis correctly.
  • My Rails_port run normally, but it just load data from OSM data, not from my local Postgresql data.

So, How can I fix this problem. Thanks again :slight_smile:

My guess would be that it is using your local database (as it can’t access OSMs database directly), but the map shown uses the tiles from which obviously show the data in the main osm database. If you open Potlatch, or user the Databrowser, you should see the data in your local database.

If you do want to see map tiles showing your local database content, you will need to set up a tile server in addition to the Rails_port server. Have a look at Mapnik / mod_tile / renderd on the wiki for some ideas of how to set up the rendering part.

I’m trying to setup a local tile server with Mapnik / mod_tile / renderd.
But where the hell do I define the datasource ?

More generally, what does mod_tile ? renderd ? WEBrick (the Rails port) ?

The datasource is defined in inc/ You either create that by hand by copying the .template version and adjusting the fields for your environment, or by running the script with those settings.

You then point renderd to the osm.xml file.

The rails_port is not needed for a mapnik/mod_tile setup.

Thank you very much Ldp ! this is a great step forward for me :wink:
So I guess that if doesn’t exist, there is a default setting somewhere ?

If doesn’t exist, the XML stylesheet is not complete and will not load in renderd.

Have a look at the wiki.

I managed to make renderd work, at least it works for osm_tiles2/0/0/0.png so that’s one more step forward.

Now I still have two other issues :

  • how do I generated tiles for something else than 0/0/0 ? I get a “Not found” error when I try, though renderd seems to do someting.
  • how do I “plug” the rails_port to my local tile server ?