how to make OSM a transparant overlay?

I’ve an topo .img on which I want to overlay an OSM .img. In Google Earth this works. The streets from the OSM .img file are visible and the background of Google Earth:). But in my Etrex Vista this doesn’t work. After merging the two .img files I first see one, but then it’s replaced by the second .img:(.

Does anyone know how you can make an OSM img merge transparant with another .img in a GMAPSUP.img?

Thanks in advantage, Jurgen

I know you’re Dutch so I’ll make it easy on you :wink: I think what you want is described on this page (Warning: Dutch).

Any English speaking users can translate that page using e.g. Google

Oh, and please don’t post a question to a welcome message. Just make a new topic next time, thanks.

There’s something strange about the translation link. It gives the top, left and bottom parts of the dutch page, but the central part gives a 404 error “Moving beyond soon no longer mistake, you will follow the path on the Internet lost”

Sorry, but I can’t reproduce that. It works for me.

But are you looking for an answer to the question of the topicstarter in plain English? I’m sure there are English sites that have the know-how as well.

Thanks for the track Lambertus. Meanwhile I’ve travelled around the www and got to the conclusion that Transp_2A.exe could work. For my purpose (making a legal Topo Nl transparent and make an overlay with OSM) it doesn’t. I got the message ‘TRE nicht gefunden’. I also find out that other programs also are missing this TRE, which probably got something to doe with the resolution/size of the map.
So in Transp_2A.exe the OSM is told to be transparent. But when I put it on my GPS together with Topo NL, Topo NL is covered by OSM…
I found lots of people having the same TRE problem, but could not find a solution working for me. If someone has on, I’d be pleased.

Ok, well I read somewhere (but can’t find it again) that Mkgmap (the program that converts OSM data into the Garmin IMG format) does not generate the TRE files (or fields in the image). So you might have stumbled upon something that is not functional yet. I don’t have a solution for that other then: try to make contact with the author of Mkgmap and try to fix the problem with him.

Are you trying to make the mkgmap generated map transparent or the Topo map transparent? I’ve not been able to see the transp_2a program work, but from of a description of how it works, I can’t see any reason why it would not run on mkgmap generated maps.