How to make changes in MapQuest data

I have make changes to incorrect roads in open street map web interface, using potlatch.
The changes did take affect and is rendering correctly using the OSM render and the OSM mapnik.
A week later a tested the navigation functionality of YOURS through the web site,
and the route that was given is still using the incorrect route?

When going back to the OSM editor and using the OSM MapQuest background i can see that the roads still display the old roads, and is not updated, thus YOURS navigation gives the wrong results?
I presume YOURS is using MapQuest data for navigation purposes, but the map render the roads correctly?
How do i update the MapQuest data, to be in sync with the edited data in OSM?

Theuns Heydenrych

I think you are confusing a few things. There are lots of different maps and services using OSM data, and some of them update more frequently than others.
eg the standard view at (also known as ‘Mapnik’) usually updates within a few minutes or hours.
Or the Open Mapquest maps usually seem to update pretty quickly, sometimes a few days.
OpenCycleMap can also take a few days to update.

Note that for these map tiles, they may not update all zoom levels at once. So things might seem to disappear as you zoom in and out. Its also possible you are looking at a cached version, doing a Shift+Refresh in your browser might help.

Any updates to routing services are separate from these map tiles.
eg on YourNavigation, it says at the bottom of the page “Routing data from planet file: 2011-12-09”. So it won’t use any changes since then, I’m not sure when it will next be updated.
Or there are other routing services using OSM data, eg Open Mapquest It usually seems to be fairly up to date, though note it is not necessarily as up to date as the Open Mapquest map tiles are.
Or more routers listed here:

Thank you, for the quick reply
You give me the answer.

Thank again

One quick question
How quick does the Mapquest map updates, that is used in potlatch as a background map?
Because its almost two weeks now that the Mapquest base map is not updated in the potlatch web editing tool used in openstreemap?
Hope this url can show the problem,

The problem in the above url, is that the openstreetmap data is corrected so that Shelanti street is connected to Jean ave, going east, when you switch the Mapquest background map on, it shows the old data of Shelanti street connected to Jean ave going east and west, which is wrong.

So my question is when/‘how often’ is the mapquest back ground map being updated that is being used in the potlatch editing tool for openstreetmap ?
Because this correction is there for almost two weeks.

Here is a screen shot of the problem

Thank you in advance

I assume the MapQuest map in Potlatch 2 is using the same tiles as the map on, or
I did say *usually * updates quickly. Though checking now, it does seem to be a couple of weeks out of date in a few places. At least for some tiles and zoom levels.

I’m not sure if there is any reason for this, or if there is anyone you can contact to ask. There is a link for “Feedback” on
Or just wait a while, I’m sure it will be updated soon.