how to make a map with a route for sharing it on a website.

i would very much like to make a map showing a route i am going to walk, with landmarks etc along the way.
In such a way that i can share it on a website (i already tried it out with OSM and i get it working with copy/paste the html snippet.)
But i cannot find the instruction on how to make the map itself.
i am working on a macbook (dont know if that makes a difference)

on this site is an example of what i am looking for:


Try Brouter or Alltrail, or Wikiloc or many others

thank you. I don’t see a share buttun there though.
also, i never used on of those, so i am looking for a beginnersmanual. (how dó i draw a route :)). Maybe it is hidden in plain sight, but i dont see it…

Click on the map to start drawing.
You can share it by the url from the page,53.400151;6.511116,53.33265&profile=hiking-beta