How to make a custom map from osm data?

Hi All,

I recently learned about the openstreetmap community and I appreciate everyone who worked on it so far. As a big fan of maps and GPS I really want to learn more about the Openstreetmaps.

At the moment I would like to make map that can be used in a home video as in a travel route animation. So the map should have a large resolution and not to much detail.

I downloaded the utah.osm extract and would like to customize the map and extract only some details.

  • I tried Mapperative, but the file is to large (about 700 MB) to load in Mapperative.

I read something about PostGIS, but as a newbie that is too much for now I think.

Any suggestions to extract only some details like highways, rivers, lakes, major cities, national parks etc. from the file and then customize the style of the map? And then export the map to Photoshop. Which program(s) can do this?

Thanks in advance,

Some ideas:

  • Use Cloudmade with your own style
  • Create a Garmin IMG file using mkgmap and your custom style then view it in QTLandkarte or Mapsource

Either way, you’d have to take screenshots to then import it into Photoshop.

Thank you csdf

However, the resolution of screenshots is too low. I really need some kind of vector image as output, so I can use photoshop to export the map as a very large raster image.

You could first remove all the content you don’t want to render anyway, and then try Maperitive again. The filtering could be done with Osmosis (particularly the tag-filter). Admittedly, that doesn’t quite qualify as newbie-friendly: You’d need to know OSM tagging and work with command line tools.

I was about to suggest

but Tordanik was faster.

Concerning the need to use command line tools: There is a GUI for osmosis (, but I havn’t used it yet.

Anyway, welcome & good luck!


You can also shrink and filter any file with raw OSM data with the help of

Also have a look at

and see → search for “render own maps” or similar

osmfilter - works great.

I also finally managed to install osmosis on my windows pc.

Now studying the feature structure of osm.

Thanks for all the suggestions!