How to link the residential buildings and residential in osm?

In osm. I can map building with tag building = residential also can map Residential way with tag landuse = residential but how to map The building belongs to residential? I thought of a way map the building with operator = ‘xxxx’. But it does not seem right

Place the building within the landuse area.

If you want to use operator, place on both the building and the landuse area, although don’t expect any current data consumers to recognize its use on the landuse area.

Also note that the operator name is, in most cases, not the same as the name of the land that contains the building, e.g., although I may have this wrong in detail, Windsor Castle and Windsor Great Park, are not operated by WIndsor Great Park. They are probably operated by Crown Estates.

Do you mean the street? It would be highway=residential, landuse=residential only applies to areas