How to link a tag from to its wiki page

How can I accomplish that a key from links to its wiki page?

For example:
Node: 10195533217 | OpenStreetMap

payment:coins:denominations does not link to its wiki page. How do I accomplish that?

I have already created a data item, but that didn’t help.

Or is that a manual task done by the website project team?


Sort of, updating the links is automated by running some script, but the task of running the script is manual. I give it a try, and upload a new pull request.


Meanwhile I also added Property:P31.

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What is the reason for that?


The script took quite a bit to run (more than an hour), which is a bit inconvenient to run as an automated job. Besides, the results need to be checked manually each time anyway, as the results may be somewhat unexpected, like in today’s run: Update wiki_pages.yml · mmd-osm/openstreetmap-website@8920143 · GitHub. We’ll give it a try, and see if it works.

Pull request: Update wiki pages by mmd-osm · Pull Request #3863 · openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website · GitHub

It should support the payment:coins:denominations tag:



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I don’t see what your comment has to do with my question.

The post above was flagged as offtopic, and I’ve hidden it because it misunderstands what the question actually was (we’ve all done it - especially when replying by email). Looks like everything’s sorted now (in terms of finding out what’s happening, anyway).

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By the way, the updated wiki_pages.yml is in production now:



This remained not answered - with current setup data items do not influence what is being linked at all.


@mmd Maybe this task could be done every time an item has been added to Changelog - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Unfortunately, there are also other reasons why runing the script (or even not running it at all for some time) could make sense:

  • Someone has restructured the Wiki by introducing new templates (KeyPrefixDescription). Such changes might break existing links to the WIki or even impact the Perl script used to extract Wiki pages.
  • New translations for existing tags are available in the meantime, which would benefit from being included in the yml file.

So it’s not always obvious what the best time would be. Usually it’s run more in an ad-hoc style.