How to keep everything but filter out buildings in vespucci

Want to Keep everything in vespucci but exclude some type of objects. Ie: buildings. Or Filter out which has only and only building=yes tag, no other tag.

I tried this:

[+] All

[-] All

Thought it will bring everything,
then exclude all the buildings. But not worked as I expected.


You can try to include only objects that include tags which do not start with building, and those where building has another value than yes. This is not exact what you’re asking but maybe close enough.

+ All

+ All
building = ^(?!yes).+$

Leave the value column empty of the first entry. Only use the first entry to show everything but buildings.

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The 1st matching entry is what is used to determine if an object is visible or not. Wirh other words you need to switch the entries around.

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1s one - Almost works, 98% for me. Keeps everything but Exlcudes buildings which has building=yes tag, even though it has other values: IE: name, level, roof, addr etc, I wanted them to appear too.
But it still works for me. Filtering out all the buildings. not exactly what I wanted but it works. Taken it as a solution. :+1:

2nd one - excludes everything but keeps the building which has other than building=yes tag.

Depending on what you want to filter, you need to activate both rules at the same time.